Peak Skin at Cold, Dry Altitudes

If you’ve ever been in high altitudes, far above sea level, you find your perspective isn’t the only thing that changes. While the views from mountain peaks are majestic, often the air is dry, cold, and thin. High altitudes can leave your skin vulnerable to the harsh conditions if not properly cared. Whether you’re going on a ski trip, hiking, or just a drive to the mountains, there is plenty you can do to protect your skin from becoming thirsty and dry. Don’t worry; our list doesn’t include wearing a ski mask. Although a ski mask comes in handy when blazing down a mountain trail.

We like to layer

Layering can be fun and low and behold it does not involve just bringing a sweater, jacket, and hat. It applies to your skincare regimen, too.  Skin moisture layering is simple. With so many moisturizers on the market, we love the pure, natural brands. Face serums (non-sticky, non-greasy) are incredible in that they are light yet penetrate deep into your skin. Their natural hydrating ingredients like ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid offer better penetration and best when used daily. Applying a layer of moisturizer to seal in hydration from your face serum is an added touch for maintaining hydration throughout your day.

Our face serums and moisturizers are infused with lots of Vitamin C from berry and fruit oils. This sets your skin up for long-term lushness every day of the year. It’s kind of like taking your daily vitamins. A positive daily face serum and moisturizer are essential for cold, dry climates.  Combined, both help keep your skin hydrated and even skin tone for that natural soft radiance.  Our concentrated face serums, packed with powerful antioxidants create a thick barrier to support and protect your skin. It’s just like wearing a warm, protective winter coat.

Block out the sun

It’s that time of year where you may have no idea where your sunglasses or sunscreen are. The sun can be sort of an afterthought when you’re living somewhere like Vancouver where the sun is peeking in and out of the glorious puffy clouds. The reality is, though, that the higher the altitude you’re at, the more likely you are to get a sunburn. This is because there is a thinner layer of the atmosphere to protect you from UV ray exposure. As you probably know, UV rays are especially powerful and destructive to your skin. Finding the right moisturizer or foundation with natural ingredients like vitamin C and E will help keep you in the clear.

Keep the natural oils flowing

We mentioned before in our previous blog, but we figured it’s important enough to emphasize again — it’s crucial to up your skin’s natural oil intake during the colder months. You may have been avoiding oils of any kind in the summer, but now is the time to bring them back into your life. (It’s ok, they won’t hurt you). The natural and essential oils we use in our remedies include everything from fresh lavender to rose oil. These gentle oils help to break down impurities and soothe irritation. You can find them in our Gentle Balancing Gel which can serve as the perfect top layer to your fall/winter ensemble, or maybe more like the ideal cold weather scarf.

Eat more omegas

Including superfoods like avocado, kale, and walnuts into your diet can increase your omega 3 intake which can help your skin retain water. They also help shield your skin from harmful UV rays which, as we said before, you’re more prone to absorbing at higher altitudes. Omega 3s can also be found in one of our favorite fall foods, pumpkin! It may be time to make a nice harvest salad and take some tips from our previous blog on which flavors will provide your skin with the nutrients it needs for a natural glow.

Flakey skin, oh no!

Before you start seeing snowflakes on the ground during the winter, you may notice a few white flakes of skin showing up on your face. Oh no! This could be a build-up of dead skin or your skin's natural oils were stripped from a harsh cleanser. No matter what time of year or climate, ultra-hydrating products are the best preventatives. Giving your skin the support it wants with a gentle cleanser and tonic, even skin tone and adds hydration. Our moisturizer, Tranquil Soothing Gel, is an excellent choice for areas that have begun to turn red from irritation or need little extra love. Dab a little on those areas of concern. Its organic ingredients are so gentle and nourishing for your skin.

We want you to enjoy your travels and hope these tips help. Visiting places in Canada, Colorado, Lake Tahoe or anywhere mountainous is always a gratifying experience. Whether you’re planning a trip or moving to one of these majestic regions, we wish you and your skin comfort and happiness.