Five Ways to Help your Skin Adjust to the Changing Weather

Before you could fully embrace your last sun-kissed moment of summer, fall came whooshing in with its cool breezes and shorter hours of daylight. Although marked by cooler, drier weather, the harvest season is filled with plenty of natural inspiration to turn a new leaf in your beauty routine. Gone are the days of makeup sweating off your face before you reach your next destination. You can now face the world with a fresh face — but how do you make this transition into the new season as seamless as possible? We have a few suggestions...

Step up your hydration game

Ok, ladies, now let’s get into hydration. That light, oil-free moisturizer you’ve been using to keep your summer skin lush just isn’t going to cut it now. Now more than ever it’s important to include a hydrating face serum that will saturate your skin and last through the drier days. With less humidity in the air, your skin is in need of the extra lovin’. Our Smooth and Protect Moisturizer helps to activate your skin’s natural lipids, which serve to store water and replenish your cells. Our secret weapon is lycopene, a natural carotenoid like that which give autumn leaves their color, that wards off damage-seeking free radicals and infuses your skin with antioxidants. It’s also fueled with the same nutrient you use against the common cold — Vitamin C. The vitamin promotes youthful skin and stimulates collagen production. Really, this first step will take you very far in your seasonal refresher.

Tone it down

We’ve always encouraged our community to be gentle with themselves. The buildup of dead skin cells from summer has slowed its pace with the Autumnal Equinox. Instead of rapidly whisking away impurities with a daily toner, use a lighter touch to calm brittle skin. The salicylic and lactic acids you were using in your toner may be too harsh for this season. Consider switching to our Mandarin Invigorating Toner to infuse your skin with Vitamins C, E, & B5 rather than diffusing your epidermis of protection. As you’re changing your inventory, this also may be a good time to be checking the ingredients on your bottles. Take a chance to purge any comedogenic (acne causing) ingredients like Acetylated Lanolin, Benzaldehyde, & Algae Extract.

Bring back the natural oils

The summer heat may have caused you to avoid any excess moisture, but it’s now time to bring back those soothing oils into your routine. One of our favorites for reducing inflammation and healing scars is lavender oil. It helps to ease anxiety & makes your skin oh, so soft! Another oil we commonly use to liven up your skin is citrus oil. Our Mandarin Invigorating Cleansing Creme is filled with all kinds of citrus oils that protect your skin from environmental hazards. Follow it up with our Gentle Balancing Gel fortified with healing rose oil to give your skin all the nourishment it needs. All these oils will also make your skin smell fantastic!

Massage away worry lines

The autumn chill may also be playing a vital role in your circulation. Your blood vessels are narrowing and you may be reducing outdoor activity. To keep things flowing, we suggest adding a few gentle face massages to your routine. To target pressure points, make loose firsts with your hands and let your forehead rest on your thumb knuckles putting pressure in between your eyebrows. Move this pressure to your cheekbones, then press into your temples and sides of your nose with your index fingers. Repeat this motion a few times to increase circulation and stimulate skin renewal and elasticity. Try using a few pumps of our Age Defense Serum Neodermyl® formula to add more firming benefits and smooth out worry lines in the process. It also has some lovely lavender oil in it to create a soft finish.

Stop the spread of red

You may have noticed your red burns from the sun being replaced with bright patches of dry skin. This condition can be made worse by taking a piping hot shower. Your skin is being stripped of its natural oils and protective layer leaving it vulnerable to harsh conditions. Luckily, all of our products keep moisturizing a top priority so you’ll never have to face the cold alone. To put a stop to the inflammation and find relief right away, try using our Tranquil Soothing Gel as a spot treatment for irritated skin. You’ll feel a gentle, cooling sensation as bio-energy heals your skin. The hyaluronic acid then seals in the moisture to prevent further flare-ups. Just like a nice cup of hot tea can lift your spirits, the green & rooibos teas found in this formula perk your skin right up!

Now you can go out and enjoy all that fall has to offer without worrying about your complexion! Sip on a pumpkin spice latte and kick up a pile of leaves. Carpe diem!