The Delicious Edible & Skincare Benefits of Mandarin Fruit

Did you know lemons were a sign of privilege and wealth in ancient Rome?

Affording citrus fruits such as citrons and lemons was more than a squeeze. They were very rare, very expensive, and, consequently, very, very prized. In fact, those two fruits were the only citrus known to the ancient Romans.

It took centuries for their cousins ~ tangerines, oranges, and limes, ~ to make it from their ancestral homeland in Southeast Asia to Western Europe.

Mandarins, the citrus predecessor to the tangerine, are widely accepted as one of the oldest ancestors of the citrus fruit family.  Vitamin C present in Mandarins is perfect for skin both when consumed internally and applied topically to the skin.

Antioxidants from Mandarins protect your skin from harsh UVA rays and help your skin resist the damage caused by the sun and free radicals. The secret to getting glowing, healthy-looking skin is in a well-formulated cleansing crème and alcohol-free toner that targets hyperpigmentation helps even skin tone and brightens your complexion.

The immediate skin care benefits of organic plant-based antioxidants derived from Mandarin, Acai, Raspberry, and Cranberry are blended in Somér Natural Mandarin Invigorating Cleansing Crème and Mandarin Invigorating Toner. Both products help to protect and maintain the optimum pH levels of your skin for a subtle natural radiance.